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My name is Kenton Small. I'm a professor of Information Networking Technology at a community college. I'm also the head coach of an eSports team. I've been programming since I was 15 and have done work for many successful companies including Sony, Rips Licorice, and Newton Manufacturing - just to name a few.

I teach everything computer related such as PC Repair, Networking, Cloud, Servers, Programming, Security, etc. This and eSports coaching keep me busy, however I still have many hobbies that I enjoy including health and nutrition, fitness, travel, business, and finance.

I wear my FitBit religiously and try to stick to organic or healthy foods as much as possible. I enjoy coming up with different diets and exercise plans to keep me in shape and provide variety. I love to travel as much as I can, particularly to Asian countries and coastal areas. Relaxing on the beach is one of my favorite hobbies.

I started this blog in order to share what I've learned about the things I encounter and do in my daily life, in hopes that my experiences become useful information to others as well. Please feel free to sign up and leave a comment, or follow me on social media.

Thank you for reading!

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How to be a productive employee

Have you ever wondered if you're a productive employee? Maybe you haven't joined the workforce yet and are curious what it's like to work in the business world. I talk to people on many different paths and also work with young adults that are largely curious what it's like to join the workforce. I believe I have an advantage here in that I've spent an equal number of years in both the business world and education. Here are a few tips to help you when you get started or to improve upon your current practices.

Understanding metrics
These metrics are often called key performance indicators (or KPIs) in business. They're a way to quantifiably measure your success as an employee. The metrics will change depending upon your role in an organization. A social media manager might be responsible for a certain number of conversions per quarter for example. A programmer might be responsible for launching a project by a specific deadline. Normally defining the KPIs is not …

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Balancing your finances
Before you can start saving you need to balance your budget. Are you spending more than or close to all of your earnings? If so you need to develop a game plan. First calculate all of your expenses each month. If they are greater than your income you need to cut unnecessary expenses.

You can cut unnecessary expenses in several ways. Not all of them require giving up the things you enjoy. If you eat out frequently consider cooking at home. If you're paying for extra monthly services you don't use you should consider disabling them. There may be a free alternative to many commercial solutions …

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Want to lose weight this year? Every body is different, so there is a trial and error period you have to go through when you're starting a diet to figure out what works for you. In this article I'll give you some common tools you can use, broken down by category. Please keep in mind what works for one individual may not work for another, and these are simply tools for you to use to get started.

Calorie counting
Probably the fastest way to start seeing results is to count the amount of calories you're consuming each day and starting limiting your caloric intake. If your goal is to start losing weight I recommend about 1200 calories per day for women, and 1400 per day for men. This can be considered an aggressive goal but you should start to see results if you manage to adhere to these numbers. If you're not seeing results you may need to adjust your diet or exercise routine slightly. Keep in mind that in order to lose 1lb you must burn 3500 more calories than you consu…